Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18th

ok its been a few days since i've blogged and theres really not much going on. i weeded all of my flower beds and cleaned and scrubbed every inch of inside this house although now it doesn't look like it, dang kids, and i have broken 5 nails 4 on one hand 1 on the other, and that sucks. i have barely done any scrapping, although yesterday while i was playing on pogo the girls decided to play beauty shop with my hair and made me into a butterfly princess which was pretty cool, they made me a crown out of those little butterfly plastic hair clips. but the reason i am blogging is because of the stupid husband. i am getting my kick ass sleep on and having a great dream and what does he do? he calls and wakes me up, and it wasn't enough to call me once he calls twice, so now my dream is completley gone and i am up and irritated so i call him back and he strats bitching at me about why the heck theres a bounced check well wtf i haven't spent any money in like a 3 weeks and the last thing i spent money on was buying the girls some socks, so i know exactly what he is thinking and that i have bounced a check buying scrapping stuff and so now i am pissed right the fuck off. so i go and look at the bank statement and its all him, housepayment, credicard payments, tools payments, paint, blah blah blah..... every payment that he has made and he wasn't keeping track, granted it is all bills and stuff but stillthe bounce is his fault not mine, so he sure as hell got and earful. but man that sure as hell pissed me off, ruin my awesome dream to bitch at me about a bounce that he caused. anyway now i am up and have to figure out what to do with my day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

june 14

uggggggg, its 1230 and i dont want to be up. i could have happily slept all day but i knew that the kids needed food so i made myself get out of bed. and i didnt even do anything yesterday to be so tired. i cleaned the scrap room made a card did laundry cooked dinner and went bowling and the rest of the time was spent either watching tv or being on the computer. i have got no idea where in the world my energy has went too. it seems like every since i turned 30 things have been going downhill and steadily getting worse with each birthday. i think that each time you have a child, when they are growing inside you, they steal some of your energy until you are left with none. thats why they have so much and ours is gone. Because at 36 i should not be this drained, and if you look at it all those workaholic new york fast track business people have tons of energy and no kids, so it fits my theory. i tell ya i need to figure out a way to harness their energy so i can have some.
and as for fathers day i think i am going to get hubs the xbox 360 he has been wanting one for a long time now. i know he wants a new alpine for his car but we haven't decided on what car we are keeping for a while for him to put it into and his race car isn't finished yet so it would just sit in the closet along with the nitrous and new heads i bought him. 3,000 dollars worth of stuff just sitting in the closet. which is actually 6,000 dollars worth of stuff but i bought it all on a half price sale when ramchargers was going out of business. at leastthe 360 he will use. and since best buy is right by joanns and i have to go to joanns anyway it seems like a good idea.
so i am off now to take a shower and start my day, i fell asleep with makeup on and now my face feels all sticky.......ewwwww.