Friday, September 16, 2011


Hey hey my peeps. i really like being in these blogs hops, it makes me keep up on my blog lol. anyways i am in a halloween type mood and had some stuff laying around to do my project. first i got the wreath, brand new at a garage sale for .25 and some shish-ka-bob skewers laying in my drawer at the dollar store and just leftover scraps of fabric from things i have made for my girls, and the big orange ribbon is from a tower of chocolates my hubby bought me a few years ago. so to make this project you will need a wreath, fabric, scissors, hot glue gun, shish-ka-bob sticks a big ribbon and some decorations.
so you take the plastic wrap off the wreath and poke the squares of fabric in all around, very simple. tie the ribbon on, cut your sticks down to size and glue them on to your decorations, mine are just very simple cricut cuts from the october 31st cart. and poke them into the wreath then your done.

so thanks for stopping by, i hope you enjoyed my project. leave me a comment and i will pick a winner for some blog candy. and then hop on over to Joe Rotella at for the next stop on the hop.