Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I love my "J_O_B"

Ok ok so it's not technically a job, i don't get paid or anything, but man i love crafting. And when cool sponsors like Etch-all, and My super awesome design team leader's product are involved well it just makes it all the more awesome. Now let me ask you this, Do you love pickles? I like pickles but i don't love them, now my Daughter kiara on the other hand would eat pickles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am always buying a jar when I am at the store. So I have a million pickle jars in all different sizes, I decided to alter one up for you good people.
and when it's filled up with candy corn it's going to look even awesomer.  Let me tell ya what we got going on here. First I cut out the spider on my cricut, used the Oct 31 cart, then I put the positive image on my jar. Put a border of tape around it to get the square shape, then put etch-all , all in the square. Waited the 15 minutes rinsed it off then painted the etched part with black alcohol ink. Let it dry and then peeled the tape and spider image off. I know you can't see it real good, but it took some orange ruffle ribbon and hot glued it all around the top of the jar. Then, remember that box-pleated ribbon rose we made? well this is the same thing only using ruffle ribbon, takes less than 5 minutes to make this flower.Then I put a piece of angela's gorgeous bling in the middle. I then inked up some white leaves and flowers and put them on.See the little scroll type bits? That's a corner piece from Miriams that I cut in half. The little chain bit is from Mirams too, and so are the stick pins I made. Easy peasy, done. So now I want to see what you can do. Make a jar and leave me the link in the comments. or Post on my Facebook fan page. I love seeing others get creative. Now you say oh well I don't have the stuff to make it. well not to worry I have all the linkys you need to get supplies.
for gorgeous bling:
for chain/stickpins/metal findings
for ruffled ribbon
for etchall
my fanpage
to join a really great crafty community and see more awesome creations

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DT project

Oh boy Oh boy!!! School is once again upon us and Halloween is fast approaching, before you know it we will be buried in snow... YUCK.  But right now is the time we make our Halloween projects, so that their done in time for decorating, right? Well me and my Design Team Sista, Rhonda are doing just that, getting a little jump start. First lets fill you in a bit. Y'all know i am a design team member for Angela Holt's Designs and we have a really cool sponsor, Etch-all, you will remember them from my last post, and we also all like to buy some bits and pieces from Mirams crafting supply. I will provide all the links at the bottom. And let me tell you, you can make some really cool stuff.  so you ready for my project? of course you are.
So here it is. My super spooky mirror. HaHa. Purple and green have become a staple among halloween and color combo's in general. Which happens to be Kelsie's bedroom colors. So this mirror can do a double service. If I wanted to use it for Halloween I could put some orange and black candles on it and lay it on a table or something, but since my kid is a weirdo i made it for her. Lol. The mirror was just a brown wood mirror that her gramma had found in the attic and gave to her, (score for a free supply), and I took a bit of the leftover green I had from painting her room and painted the wood. Then I cut out the skull on my cricut (this is off the indie art cart), on vinyl. Put the negative on my mirror and put the Etchall on the negative. waited, washed the Etchall off and bam, skull on my mirror. Now I took some bit and pieces I got at miriam's and hot glued them on. The 3 corners and the metal scrolly thing in the middle, Stuck a piece of Angela's bling on that part. Then i made up a bow, inked up some flowers and glued them on and stuck a little tiny clock there, and made some stick pins and put them on, both also from Miriams. and done.... Kelsie of course went crazy when she saw it, I am the coolest mom ever. And yeah, i am cool with that title :)

Now for some linkys for places for you to visit so you can get your own supplies to make one.
and now you must go check out my DTSista's project over here at
and don't forget to join our crafty community at

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Design Team project.

it's that time for me again  i got a totally yummy post for you today. 2 yes 2 projects. both so very simple, yet so very cute.
First is a hair clip i made for my daughter, Khloe. i know i am always making stuff for her, but she is the only one who will still let me lol.
Look how cute cute cute that is. and i swear it only takes like 5 minutes.
box pleated ribbon, any color around 13 inches
bling from Angela Holts bling splendor collection, that you can get here:
a few feathers
a bit of lace
a piece of cardstock
hot glue
pearl strands

take your box pleated ribbon and wrap it around your finger, pinch it together and pull it off, get a ton of hot glue on the bottom, stick it to the cardstock and kinda smoosh it out. hot glue the lace around the bottom onto the cardstock. glue your bling in the center. glue in your feathers and pearl strands. trim the cardstock as close to the edge of the ribbon as you can. put hot glue onto the bottom of the cardstock and stick it onto the barrette. and you're done. see only 5 minutes. now since we all know i suck at directions i am going to give you a video to watch.
now hold on dont go anywhere yet. i got a second project for you.
a wine glass. so super easy.
wine glass
some of angela holts bling

It says "got kids?" on it which i thought was funny. so anyways heres what you wanna do.
ok first you want to take your wine glass and make sure its clean. Then you want to get a template/cutout made of self stick vinyl. and stick it onto the glass where you want it. make sure all the air bubbles are out and its all nice and smooth. now take your Etch-All and put it all over the  area with no vinyl even going over the edges a bit. let it sit for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off and peel off your vinyl and wash it again really good. dry it off. tie some ribbon on the stem and hot glue some bling on the and bam you're done. easy peasy right.

so now its your turn. and remember you can upload your creations to:
where you can see more of mine, and my design team sisters, and other members cool projects.

Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY toilet paper roll bracelet challenge

Yep i know what you are thinking, fashion at its highest. But, I swear its super cute. What a toilet paper roll made out of, just cardboard, but because it's already round it makes for making a super cute cuff. So here's a supply list you will need:
some lace
a t.p. roll
Angela Holt's Bling
and hot glue
and some felt or cotton bunting or something soft
plus a center decoration
and a needle and thread (don't panic its just a bit)
My instruction and going to suck but bear with me cause all will be revealed by the end.
Now what you are going to do is take your t.p. roll and cut a strip out of the middle, then cut it to the thickness you want. I am tiny so I only wanted it about 1 1/2 inches thick.Second step is to sew 2 pieces of ribbon to the edges of the cardboard, you will want them long enough to be able to tie and make sure their as lined up even as you can get them. Next step is to hot glue your felt/bunting/something soft to the back. This is to keep the cardboard from chaffing your arm and prevent the ribbon from irritating you. now trim the felt up all nice and pretty so its even with the card board. Now you are going to take your lace and hot glue it in strips on the top,all nice and even. Then hot glue on your center and your bling. I used my bling on the sides, kinda looking like buttons that hold the tie in place or cufflinks or something. This is a super fun super easy project and once my girls saw it they were fighting over who gets to have it. So I am going to have to make more.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Lace Bracelet
This is the tutorial I used to make it. See very little stitching so you can do it.
And this is the one that I made. My lovely wrist model is Khloe.
This is the top

This is the underneath. See how I used the bling as kinda like a cufflink thingy on the side.
Now I want to see yours. Make your cuff and upload it to
and you can buy the best bling around, here at this link 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Design Team Introductions

AH Designs Fall/Winter 2013 DesignTeam

I want to Introduce to you 

Angela Holt Designs Fall/Winter 2013 Design Team

As Angela's company grows and her label " The Bling Chronicles", so does the talented ladies that want to be a part of her Team. It astounds me that I made it. These women are bright, talented, funny and amazing.

We are all ready to share, create and inspire you with each of our design concepts, tutorials, and more!!

So come, sit a spell and embark on this creative journey with us!!

Your Professional Crafting Educator and Designer

 Angela Holt

Rhonda Ratliff

Hello there!!… Rhonda here, from Kentucky and I thought I'd share a little bit about ME!… I am married to the greatest guy in the world and have four awesome kids... all of which are grown now which has allowed me the opportunity to do more crafting. I have been crafting since about the 4th grade when my teacher showed me how to work with oil pastels in art class... from there it has been a little bit of everything. Till I found a love for creating cards and invitations, floral design and my new passion in altered art. I have been blogging about a awhile now... and LOVE IT!I have had a wonderful time meeting new people, learning many awesome techniques and been given many great opportunities. The crafting world has opened many adventurous doors for over the last year and I am loving every minute of it.

Find my links: 

 Deb Ochs-LaGrone

Hi all you Bling Chronicles fans! I am so thrilled to be a DT member for Angela and can’t wait to share all my blinged out art work with you. First let me tell you a little about who I am as a designer and crafter.
I grew up in the military and travele
d around a lot. We relied heavily on our family for entertainment as such. My dear sweet mother loved to craft and taught us all kinds of different mediums. She taught my sisters how to sew, though I never caught that bug and can’t sew a straight stitch! She painted and tried to teach us a love for drawing, I’m not very good at that either LOL. She taught us ceramics, macramé, ornament making, and all sorts of other crafty goodness. I was very blessed to grow up with a creative mom.
My dad could fix or make anything. He passed some of those genes on to me and last year I created a whole new back yard complete with a waterfall feature, covered bar with an outdoor refrigerator and grilling area, and a slate and glass tiled patio surface. A little assistance was given by my family when I needed an extra set of hands but basically I created it on my own. I think I burned the satellites out with all the calls for advice to my dad.
I have two fabulous (most of the time) children ages 20 and 17 who are both talented artists in their own right. I've always tried to encourage that as I think it’s a corner stone in life. It saddened me to see schools pulling art out of the curriculum as it really enhances education and just your view on life in general. I feel lucky to be able to help my kids still have that outlet at home. I also have a 10 month old foster grandchild who consumes a lot of my time but I am loving it! She’s such a sweet baby.
What I’m trying to say is that I LOVE to craft, anything, anywhere, anytime! I don’t have a particular specialty necessarily, but crafting with paper is my favorite medium.
Thanks so much for giving me the chance to share with you and I hope you enjoy looking at, and maybe getting some inspiration from, my pieces. You can find more of my art by visiting my blog, A Look Through My Eyes found at 
Enjoy a crafty life,
Deb Ochs-LaGrone

Dawn Smith

I am a sahm ( Stay at home MOM) with a ton of kids.4 from a previous marriage, 2 step and 3 from my current marriage. Yes I am a little insane, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I have 2 dogs (they are pitbull/bullmastiff mixes) Cin and Tink and we have 2 Tortoises named Neptune and Turk and about 20 fish all named after Harry Potter characters. My husband, Shad, is the love of my life and the heart of my existence, without him there would be no me. We have been together for 14 years. We have survived the good and the bad and it has only brought us closer together. I have a serious scrapbooking addiction, I guess that also mean I have a photo obsession too because i have to have something to scrap, right?! My kids all insist that they are being followed by the paparazzi. They joke about taking out a restraining order against me. Happy crafting


 Itza Gomez


 Nicky Wilcox

With her creative spark, Nicky has an eye of making something out of nothing!!!  "I share simple home decor, upcycle and craft projects with people who are looking for friendly tutorials and affordable ideas."

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Big Big News

So who is ready for my big news? I hope everyone because it's time to share. I made it. I made it on to Angela Holt's Design team. I am so freakin' excited, i am about to die. So what does that mean for you? well for starters it means you are going to see some super awesome projects from me and my fellow design team members, it means you get to go to some super fun online classes, hosted by me and my fellow design team members, it means you can shop the store and buy your own awesome bling and it means that for our grand re-opening, I personally will be giving away a 25$ gift certificate to Angela's store to one lucky person. How do you win this you might ask? Well let me tell you (and all rules must be followed)
1. follow my blog
2. follow my youtube
3. join the ning site
4. leave a comment on this post telling me you have done all the steps
on 8-7 i will have khloe pick a winner so come back and check.
Now you ask how do i get to all these places to follow these steps? well here are the links. just click on them and they will take you where you need to go
1. you are already at my blog so just click on the join button
4. now leave your comment

now you ask how do I know I want to win this bling, trust me you want to win it cause it looks like this:
now you say I can't wait to win it I must buy some..... well thats ok too, here's the linky for the store, bookmark this because you will need to go there if you're the winner.... 
also while you are there you can find the link to Angela's facebook, pinterest, and more so you will be in the know for all the future bling awesomeness.
now before you go, I want to show you a little somethin' somethin'
This is a bubble bow I made for Khloe using Angel's Bling. I used Tim Holtz's alcohol ink (plum crazy) to color it pink (it really is super sparkly and pretty in person)

So now get movin' and get entered into the contest.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fruit Salad

So over at is a challenge to do a poject using a fruity image so heres mine using lemons from the classroom~june july~cartridge. this is my Khloe, wearing her bright yellow hairbow i made her, at my nephews wedding.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

lacy sunshine challenge #11

i couldn't resist with the holidays coming up.
i hope y'all like it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Card

hey all, its been a while since i posted. man i have been busy, birthdays, graduations, swim meets, life.... lol. anyways i made a new card for a couple of reasons. the first being to help out my friend, the amazingly talented Napur Patel and the Down The Memory Lane first birthday and you can find them here...
and the second reason is for my girl Alcia's challenge #5, she designed this really cutie digi stamp that you can buy in her store. you can join the challenge of find the store here...

so heres my card, i hope you like it

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TRDT~color challenge

hey bloggers,
i know its been 2 weeks since my last blog. things have been so busy here. my middle daughter, kiara, just joined the swim team (we had 3 days notice to sign up) and had her first meet already (she had 3 days of practice) but she did awesome. in her heat (race) she came in 3rd. which is pretty amazing. she has been practicing her little heart out this week tho. she is so committed she will even walk to practice alone. if you know her then you know she never goes anywhere alone. i am so proud of her.
anyways enough mommy bragging and onto my post i used the tsunami rose collection YESTERDAYS COMMODITIES (which you can find here )to do this layout. This is me and my sister Pam in the tub when we were little. i am the older one. and i used the splish splash cart to cut out the bathtub.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TRDT~ sketch challenge

Hello my Peeps,
I got a little design team inspiration for you. another great kit from Daisy. Ephemeral Love Affair (available here: Tsunami Rose Designs Printable Paper packs-  it truly is a cute kit.

this card is whats called a twisted easel card and is so easy to make, swear to you 2 score lines is all. you take a 6x12 piece of card stick score it on the 6 inch, then take one of the 6 inch squares and score it diagonally in half.  Then you just decorate. i like  to make my faceplate first, which is everything on the green cardstock. so its a 5 3/4 in square of green  then a 5 1/2 square of ELA then the border strips, with a bird cage cut from french manor with a bow, pearl strands and a pearl button on top. then the little merci'. then you glue the face plate to the bottom half of your diagonal square. which gives you the pop up. when you close it it all lays nice and flat for mailing. on the bottom is a 5 3/4 square of ELA with a half of another square  and then a line of pearl trim going down the center and then the stamp cut out with my 3 inch scallop circle punch, which acts like a stopper to keep the top in place.

Friday, April 5, 2013

TRDT altered tag

Hey bloggers, How are y'all doing? pretty good here. So who's into pink turquoise black and white? it's a color combo that i am so in love with right now. So that the colors i used to make my altered tag. and I love it. I will almost hate to put it into a card but i can always print out more papers and make another one. Get the Damask Madam papers over at the Zibbet shop:

For this tag I used so flat back self adhesive pearls, dcwv turquoise card stock, damask madam paper, fiskars butterfly punch, sheer turquoise ribbon, black ink, and a white flower. the tag was cut using plantain school book cart.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TRDT anything goes

I told you i would be back in a few days with another project and here it is. Once again i used the Tsunami Rose Damask Madam papers and altered a little trinket box. I am thinking I will keep all my belly button rings in it because i am gathering quite a collection of some really cute ones. but thats for another post.

for this box is used the Damask Madam papers, a ton of my favvie mod podge some pearls some cameo buttons i found at joanns (if you dont know check out the sewing section for some really cool ones) and my favorite part the feathers.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

TRDT Card and Lacy Sunshine Challenge

OMW!!!!! my peeps you have got to go get the new paper kit Damask Madam (right here: it is absolutely to die for. I made this card using two of the papers from this kit. and am working on a mini layout but you dont get to see that until later. So onto my card

I made this using two of the Tsunami Rose Damask Madam papers, a Lacy Sunshine digi stamp (colored with Bics and sharpies) some Tim Holtz Stickles in silver and pink, a Cottage Cutz lace doily die (that i wasnt really impressed with) some flowers that i colored with Tim Holtz reinkers and a bit of stiching.

Friday, March 29, 2013

WINNER Linda in Sweden

Linda you are the winner of the Irock. Please message me your address to so i may get your prize in the mail. thank you to all who are followers and to all who became new followers. i have a few projects coming up and a few more giveaways. so stay tuned and spread the word to your friends.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Polkadoodles and Studio 12: Week 12 Challenge - Embossing

Polkadoodles and Studio 12: Week 12 Challenge - Embossing  
And entering for the Besties challenge also for using Bling


Well i think it's time i give away some blog candy. Who wants an IRock? no not some new apple product that's out but a really cool crafty tool. Its a tiny heat tool that lets you add bling to anything (please do not add bling to people or animals as it is very freaking hot!!!! lol) but you can add bling to bags, flowers, cards, layouts, jars, cans, keys, cd's ect......the list goes on and on. and if you scroll down a bit you can see a bag i did for my daughter. It is such a super cool tool. I love mine and use it a lot. you know those bling flourishes that are like 4-5 bucks, don't need to buy them you can make your own with this, and it comes with 300 bling. How do you win it you ask, simple just follow my blog. On the 29th my Khloe will pick a winner. Easy Peasy. I will ship intenational so all my peeps can play.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

TRDT~ shadow box

I am not ready to take on a full shadow box yet, that is a bit outside my comfort zone, so i am starting small with a memory box first, and will work my way up lol. As y'all know my girls are in ballet, the have their first recital coming up in May, so thats what this box will be for. The whole class has their pictures taken before the recital in the costumes, which will be the picture i put in the frame and then inside i will put the dvd or their preformance and all the programs and ticket stubs and photos of practices and stuff. I used the Tsunami Rose Life Abloom papers  avail able at: and mod poged the crap out of them like i always do, lol, some prima flowers and lace and the shall we dance cricut cart. and the memory box is only 2$ at So get the papers and make your own box :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sentiment challenge

this week on the bestie challenge blog was to use a sentiment. so i used my thank you ticket. the inside says berry much.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturated Canary challenge#39

I love doing card challenges and seeing other peoples creations and getting inspired. I love crafting and the felling of making something pretty. So this is my first time entering the Saturated Canary Challenges but i had fun coming up with this card and i love love love the stamp.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Besties challenge #9

This weeks challenge was to use a button, so i did, just a tiny one right on her bandana. This card was a bit difficult for me even tho there is not much to it. i wanted to work with the yellows and it just kept being to much, if you know what i mean. but all in all i got there in the end :)  i hope you like it. to join in the challenge or buy your own besties, just click the blinkie on the right.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TRDT~ step card

This is my step card for the Tsunami Rose Design Team using the Life Abloom papers, which is the March kit, but all kits are available at : Daisy does such an amazing job designing these papers. To make this card you need to youtube a video for stepcard instructions, i had to watch a few different ones before i found one that i liked and was understandable for me to follow. Everyone learns differently. but then after the video instructions i took it a step further and used my ribbon punch on the bottom and threaded some brown silk ribbon through it. I also used my 10 second studio tin for the butterfly in Mocha. some Prima say it in pearls and flowers and some mocha ink to ink the edges. so go get this months kit and get to creating :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Besties Challenge~2pp

wooooooooooooo hooooooooo 2 blog posts in one day. lol. this weeks challenge for Bestie stamps was to use 2 patterned papers. so i did :) and the stitching is all real and done by hand. i need to learn to use my sewing machine.

TRDT~ stand up card

This is my stand up card for the Tsunami Rose Design Team, using the Life Abloom March kit, you can get the papers here:, I had some fun with this card as i have never made one before. Plus I used my new ribbon punch on it. I love that thing :) and i also made that flower. which the color of peach in the last photo is the true color, i dont know why its pink in the other photos, but anways. a bit of ribbon and lace and bling, and you have a pretty thing :) make one and let me know how it turns out

Friday, February 22, 2013

2 Shades of Blue challenge

So I am back joining in another Besties challenge. I love these challenges, the stamps are so adorable. Esp. the ones that wear glasses cause all my girls wear them too :) So here's my card.  I hope you like it. and if you want to join the challenge or get some cutie images, click the blinkie on the right side of my page.