Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I love my "J_O_B"

Ok ok so it's not technically a job, i don't get paid or anything, but man i love crafting. And when cool sponsors like Etch-all, and My super awesome design team leader's product are involved well it just makes it all the more awesome. Now let me ask you this, Do you love pickles? I like pickles but i don't love them, now my Daughter kiara on the other hand would eat pickles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am always buying a jar when I am at the store. So I have a million pickle jars in all different sizes, I decided to alter one up for you good people.
and when it's filled up with candy corn it's going to look even awesomer.  Let me tell ya what we got going on here. First I cut out the spider on my cricut, used the Oct 31 cart, then I put the positive image on my jar. Put a border of tape around it to get the square shape, then put etch-all , all in the square. Waited the 15 minutes rinsed it off then painted the etched part with black alcohol ink. Let it dry and then peeled the tape and spider image off. I know you can't see it real good, but it took some orange ruffle ribbon and hot glued it all around the top of the jar. Then, remember that box-pleated ribbon rose we made? well this is the same thing only using ruffle ribbon, takes less than 5 minutes to make this flower.Then I put a piece of angela's gorgeous bling in the middle. I then inked up some white leaves and flowers and put them on.See the little scroll type bits? That's a corner piece from Miriams that I cut in half. The little chain bit is from Mirams too, and so are the stick pins I made. Easy peasy, done. So now I want to see what you can do. Make a jar and leave me the link in the comments. or Post on my Facebook fan page. I love seeing others get creative. Now you say oh well I don't have the stuff to make it. well not to worry I have all the linkys you need to get supplies.
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