Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

so ladies what did hubbys get for fathers day? mine got an xbox 360 and 5 games and an extra controller. plus a card, and were going bowling later and then he gets steak and potatoes for dinner. his favorite. he is so spoiled but thats ok cause he spoils me too. and he deserves it cause he is such a great husband and dad. but only because i have been training him for the last 10 years ...roflmao just kidding. (kinda lol) i got so lucky when i got him. he works hard he helps around the house he spends time with the kids he rubs my back and paints my toenails, brings me coffee in bed every morning, even today, and supports my crafting habit he takes care of me in everyway possbile and never shirks his reasponsibilities. and somehow every problem that arises he make it all work out and somehow even after 10 years he cant get enough of touching me and kissing me and holding me. he really is the best. Father's Day Hammock

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