Wednesday, June 24, 2009

june 24

hi ya hi ya ladies how is everyone? doin ok here myself. my rugrats have behaved themselves pretty good today so not a lot of stress there. and i am ready to choke the hubs but thats nothing new lol, cause he left the attic door open and yelled at me about it but all in all a fairly good day. yesterday i got my bedroom all rearranged and the air conditioners installed so thats a plus i also discovered the mess my girlies made under my bed and got that all cleaned up and found ny diamond earrings so another plus. today i got my bit of grocery shopping done and made a layout that i really really like. it of my hubs for fathers day. but other than that life is pretty much the same. just really hot and sticky. it was 92 freakin degrees here, i dont mind the heat but in michigan we have 9 thousand layers of humidity and it just kills ya. well i am off to scrap some more.

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