Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13th

ok so ex girlfriends really tick me off. Well more specifically hubbys ex girlfriend. he has a 12 year old son with her (just turned 12 yesterday) and so she is having a birthday party for him and last week called and invited us all out there, so the girls were all excited about finally going to their brothers birthday and were going on and on about it a made him cards and stuff. so i figured maybe she was just doing some type of a family thing. well then she calls yesterday and tells hubs that the girls are not invited and that he just wants the triples to come because its going to be a bunch of teenage boys there. well if the girls dont go then i have to stay home with them and so then that means that hubs has got to drive the triples there by himself, which i dont like at all. i mean i know hubs would never do anything but i don't know how far she would try to go and she is that kind of a skank who would try something. she is always calling him to fix her car and do this and that and he always asks me first before he gives her an answer and if i say no then he tells her no. i guess what i am most upset about is that my girls are upset and crying. i mean i dont want my girls at a party with a bunch of teenage boys but i think she did it just so that i wouldnt come.........grrrrrrrr. i did leave a big dark hickey on hubbys neck this morning you know just marking my territory...roflmao. i just dont get why she sisnt say boys only party in the first place. skank skank skank is all i can say. but anyway i didnt do nothing yesterday, just sat in my craft room and did like 4 layouts and now i must clean my scrap room because i got pieces of paper all over the floor, well mostly ive got to vaccum but those are the layouts i did above. so i am going to get to cleaning so i can get back to scrapping.

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