Tuesday, August 3, 2010

has it been a year?

omg i can't believe its been a year since i have blogged. i guess my life is busier than what it seems. hmmmmmmm i guess i am as bad at blogging as i am at keeping a journal. so what has happened in the past year? a lot actually.
 kelsie is now 10  and going thru puberty and asking all sorts of questions that i hate answering but i do and truthfully too. not to mention she is almost as tall as me and her feet are now bigger than mine. she passed 4th grade with flying colors and is now wanting to join band and walk to and from school, which i said she could do in 5th grade, back when she was in 3rd grade, but i am still not sure if i am comfortable with the idea. maybe on the warmer days i will let her ride her bike or something, i dont know. i know i used to walk to school at her age but i am just so worried about kidnappers and stuff. but we are becoming so much closer and a lot less fighting between us. it used to be world war 3 between us, but with this puberty thing and all the questions and me being honest and her being more responsible, it has really changed our relationship.
kiara is now 8 and going to be 9 in october. she has came a long way. her reading went from begining first grade level to begining 3rd grade level, which is awesome. and they are still going to be working with her when she goes back to school. she is in a program called fast and it has helped tremendously. it also helped that she got glasses too. she is maturing but still a bit behind for being almost 9. she is really in between right now. she cant decide if she wants to grow up or stay little and reverts back and forth between the two and it causes a lot of anger and frustration for her. she wants to do the big girl stuff but still wants to have that mommy security. it really frustrates me too. at least there is no more mud covered bathrooms anymore from her lol. her autism is really hindering her but she is breaking thru it bit by bit. she even made a best friend last year and is going to be in the same class with her this year. her teacher made sure of it, like their a package deal. this girl beth is really advanced and smart and helps kiara and makes kiara want to do better and doesn't make kiara feel stupid. she is a great asset to kiara and i am so glad that she has found this best friend.
khloe is just khloe, she is still refusing to flush toilets and being my snuggle. she is reading awesomely and got glasses also. her most exciting adventure was getting stitches this summer instead of cleaning her room she was laying under her desk pulling the drawer in and out with her foot and pulled it to hard one time and it slipped out and the corner got her right above the eyebrow. she was so lucky it didnt get her eye. she had to get 5 stitches and it took 3 of us to hold her down to get the numbing shot. not that i blame her, if someone was coming at my eye with a foot long needle i would be screaming too. but getting them out she just sat there and didnt cry or anything. she was so happy cause it meant she could go swimming again.
they all got their back to school haircuts today and i am ready for school to begin.

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