Thursday, July 16, 2009

insanity!!! july-16

ok seriously is there like something in childrens dna or psyche or something that drives them to make their parents completely insane? i am not even kidding i need to know the answer to this because i am about ready to litterally string up my 2 youngest kids by their feet and hang em from a freakin tree and i don't even care if there are witnesses!!!! and you may ask omg, what could possibly drive a mother to feel this way about her children? well ya know what you dont live with my children. so dont judge me!! now yeah i chose to have them all and normally i love being a mom and i love my children always no matter how mad i am and i expect the normal idiocy of kids, i mean their kids, you know skate ramps in the backyard, dirt, messes whatever, but i did not sign up for unflushed toilets and mud that completly covers every surface of a room. and both problems obviously occur in the bathroom. so lets address problem A first.
now my dd khloe who is 5 has some sort of problem with flushing the toilet, she knows how, she is more than capable but she refuses!!!!! and it is driving me crazy cause then my whole house smells disgusting. the kids have their own bathroom and generally i stay out of it except to clean it once a week. they are responsible for keeping it tidy, and i always have to yell at them about it. but i went in there this morning because i am missing 5 towels so i figured i would check if they are in there and the smell hit me instantly and i swear i gagged it was so gross it was like that toilet hadn't been flushed since last week, which it probably hasnt, the kids we using our bathroom becausse they said their sink was clogged but i bet it was the smell and the nasty toilet the kept them out of there (for the most part anyway), and i kept smelling pee and i couldn't figure out where it was coming from and figured the stray cats were peeing by my front door again and so i poured bleach out there but i still smelled it. so i found the source of the nasty smell. so after flushing the toilet i paused and took a good look around the bathroom, OMG!!!! i am telling you my hair stood up on end like a rabid wolf or something. i was out for blood!!!! just thinking about it now makes me want to take and rip somebody apart limb from limb. there was mud caked on every wall, across the rugs, on the floor, covering the sink and countertop, and all across the bathtub. and i am not talking about a handprint or a tiny smear, i am talking like COVERED in mud, and yes the sink was clogged and unusable because of mud being caked in the drain. now some people would be like ok well just clean it up but hell no you didnt see this, i was livid. this is going to take hours to clean up. and not only that but when i spend 500$ on wallpaper, 1,000$ on a sink and cabinet thingy (on sale) 100$ on rugs, 40$ on those litte towel hanger thingys, 2,000$ on tile i expect it to be used as a bathroom and kept at least reasonably picked up. not treated like a freaking wallowing hole for a big fat pig. and i know exactly who the culprit of this little escapade was. it was the one and only kiara rain, who is 7 and completly knows better and when she gets back from vbs she will be cleaning it all. so needless to say i went off this morning. i made them cry and feel bad and i even cussed at them, and you know what, I DON'T EVEN FEEL BAD about it, i hope to god that i hurt their feelings and i hope that their scared that i may beat them until they bleed from their ears, i hope that their fragile little self esteem is broken, because thats how they should feel. and you can call me a cruel heartless bitch all you want, but when my husband works his ass off to give this family a great life and for us to have nice things and i work my ass of taking care of these kids and loving and feeding and do everything humanly possible for these kids and putting all this time and energy into my family and home, and for them to turn around and treat it like garbage and trash the hell out of it, yeah i hope their little hearts are broken. cause i will tell you this, they will never pull this kind of crap again, NEVER!!! and not one of the other kids said a word to me about it, so they got yelled at too.

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