Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Design Team project.

it's that time for me again  i got a totally yummy post for you today. 2 yes 2 projects. both so very simple, yet so very cute.
First is a hair clip i made for my daughter, Khloe. i know i am always making stuff for her, but she is the only one who will still let me lol.
Look how cute cute cute that is. and i swear it only takes like 5 minutes.
box pleated ribbon, any color around 13 inches
bling from Angela Holts bling splendor collection, that you can get here: http://www.shopangelaholtdesigns.com/
a few feathers
a bit of lace
a piece of cardstock
hot glue
pearl strands

take your box pleated ribbon and wrap it around your finger, pinch it together and pull it off, get a ton of hot glue on the bottom, stick it to the cardstock and kinda smoosh it out. hot glue the lace around the bottom onto the cardstock. glue your bling in the center. glue in your feathers and pearl strands. trim the cardstock as close to the edge of the ribbon as you can. put hot glue onto the bottom of the cardstock and stick it onto the barrette. and you're done. see only 5 minutes. now since we all know i suck at directions i am going to give you a video to watch.
now hold on dont go anywhere yet. i got a second project for you.
a wine glass. so super easy.
wine glass
some of angela holts bling

It says "got kids?" on it which i thought was funny. so anyways heres what you wanna do.
ok first you want to take your wine glass and make sure its clean. Then you want to get a template/cutout made of self stick vinyl. and stick it onto the glass where you want it. make sure all the air bubbles are out and its all nice and smooth. now take your Etch-All and put it all over the  area with no vinyl even going over the edges a bit. let it sit for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off and peel off your vinyl and wash it again really good. dry it off. tie some ribbon on the stem and hot glue some bling on the and bam you're done. easy peasy right.

so now its your turn. and remember you can upload your creations to:
where you can see more of mine, and my design team sisters, and other members cool projects.

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