Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY toilet paper roll bracelet challenge

Yep i know what you are thinking, fashion at its highest. But, I swear its super cute. What a toilet paper roll made out of, just cardboard, but because it's already round it makes for making a super cute cuff. So here's a supply list you will need:
some lace
a t.p. roll
Angela Holt's Bling
and hot glue
and some felt or cotton bunting or something soft
plus a center decoration
and a needle and thread (don't panic its just a bit)
My instruction and going to suck but bear with me cause all will be revealed by the end.
Now what you are going to do is take your t.p. roll and cut a strip out of the middle, then cut it to the thickness you want. I am tiny so I only wanted it about 1 1/2 inches thick.Second step is to sew 2 pieces of ribbon to the edges of the cardboard, you will want them long enough to be able to tie and make sure their as lined up even as you can get them. Next step is to hot glue your felt/bunting/something soft to the back. This is to keep the cardboard from chaffing your arm and prevent the ribbon from irritating you. now trim the felt up all nice and pretty so its even with the card board. Now you are going to take your lace and hot glue it in strips on the top,all nice and even. Then hot glue on your center and your bling. I used my bling on the sides, kinda looking like buttons that hold the tie in place or cufflinks or something. This is a super fun super easy project and once my girls saw it they were fighting over who gets to have it. So I am going to have to make more.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Lace Bracelet
This is the tutorial I used to make it. See very little stitching so you can do it.
And this is the one that I made. My lovely wrist model is Khloe.
This is the top

This is the underneath. See how I used the bling as kinda like a cufflink thingy on the side.
Now I want to see yours. Make your cuff and upload it to
and you can buy the best bling around, here at this link